LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for 2020

LinkedIn is currently in the process of testing and rolling out new marketing features

LinkedIn Releases Expected Before The End of 2019: 

2019 will soon be coming to an end, but not before we see exciting new features from LinkedIn including updates to LinkedIn pages, video ads, audience targeting, and much more.

LinkedIn Pages

With LinkedIn pages, businesses are able to organically promote their brand and engage with anyone who might be interested in their brand. Soon, page admins will be able to invite their first-degree profile connections to follow their page as a way to increase the organic following. Increasing organic reach will also be an option with the upcoming employee notifications feature. This feature will give page admins the ability to prompt employees to reshare content on their behalf.

LinkedIn Video Advertising

Over the past few years, video has become an increasingly powerful tool on social media. On account of this, LinkedIn introduced video advertising as an option just over a year ago. Now, they are working to roll out a few new updates that will enhance how video can be used in advertising. Users will be able to create a custom thumbnail for a video, meaning they can choose a frame they feel will grab the viewer’s attention. LinkedIn is also adding a feature where there will be an option for the user to preview the video before posting.

LinkedIn Geo-Targeting

Previously, there were restrictions on LinkedIn’s geo-targeting, but with the new audience targeting updates, you will soon be able to target a wider range of cities, states, and even countries. This will help to create a more targeted audience to ensure the users that their ads are being seen by the most accurate target audience.

LinkedIn A/B Testing

LinkedIn has recognized that the ability to test contributes to improving ROI and for that reason, they are introducing A/B testing to the advertising platform. A/B testing provides advertisers with the option to run two ad sets that differ by one or more variables. These variables include ad creative, targeting options, ad placement, and bidding. By testing two mutually exclusive campaigns, advertisers will better understand what works and what doesn’t, which in turn will provide them with an overall more successful ad campaign.

LinkedIn Releases Expected in The First Half of 2020:

With a new year comes new advertising options on LinkedIn. Here’s what you can look forward to seeing in the first half of 2020.

Account Level Reporting

One update coming in 2020 on LinkedIn will be the launch of Account Level Reporting. This feature will enable marketers to receive reports in the campaign manager that will present them with valuable information such as which target companies are the readiest to be contacted by sales and which companies have the highest engagement scores. This information will help businesses get more out of their ads by hopefully closing more sales.

LinkedIn Nurture Targeting

Do you remember Action Based Retargeting on LinkedIn? This option is making a reappearance with a new name: Nurture Targeting. Nurture targeting will help businesses to build a tailored ad experienced based on users that interact with their ads in certain ways. These interactions include impressions, reactions, clicks, and conversions. This feature allows businesses to build relationships with a user through a series of personalized messages.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads

A new type of ad will also be released in 2020, LinkedIn Conversation Ads. Similar to a chatbot that you might see on a website, these ads will allow businesses to spark a 1 on 1 conversation with business decision-makers and professionals. The messages can be tweaked and tailored based on the customer’s business goals allowing the advertiser to drive results at every stage of the funnel all within 1 conversation. More details on conversation ads will be available in 2020!

LinkedIn Releases for 2021

2021 may seem like it’s far away, but LinkedIn has already shared with us one of their biggest updates that are set to be released that year, LinkedIn Business Manager! If you have managed Facebook pages before, then you probably know what Facebook business manager is. LinkedIn’s business manager will allow you to efficiently organize and securely manage user access across ad accounts and partner relationships.